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      Constructed with high end components such as the smooth trigger pull Alpha2 shot engine, Carbonfibre rail barrel, Stainless Steel shaft and quality Torelli Pranger head the Torelli Europa Competitor is purpose built for Southern Australian competition diving.

      Of significant importance to competition divers' is the choice of Euro style screw in power bands and screw on Dyneema bridle that are easily exchange quickly in water or the wing type bulk rubber muzzles configuration.

      Pranger enthusiasts appreciate the Europas' bouyant Carbonfibre barrel supporting the weight of the cluster head reducing the usual nose heavy feel of other pranger guns. 

      Alpha 2 handle with active stainless steel line release

      Integral loading butt reduced pressure on the chest when loading

      Engineered stainless steel sear ensure durability

      Carbon Fiber Rail Barrel

      Optional Glass filled nylon Torelli Euro muzzle or Torelli trimax wing muzzle

      Heavy duty gun bungee with snap clip

      16mm Screw in power bands with dyneema bridle or Wing style bulk rubber muzzle

      7mm Sandervik stainless steel M7 Threaded Shaft

      8”x 6 Prong Heavy Duty Torelli pranger head

      Float line Shark clip

      1.8mm black hard skin mono shooting line

      TORELLI Lifetime Warranty.

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