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      Torelli Tahitian Carbon Fiber Roller Gun deliver powerful, efficient and accurate shots with minimal recoil.

      The light weight Carbon Fiber barrel is PU foam injected and has a full length deep rail increasing strength and accuracy. 

      Torelli Roller muzzle attributes include ultra-low friction ceramic bearings, large diameter rollers, negative bridle lift profile, shooting line isolation management, stainless steel line anchor and robust glass reinforced nylon construction.

      Torelli Alpha-K handle features the new K shot engine cassette with hybrid stainless steel trigger and active stainless steel line release. 

      Double wrap Dyneema shooting line, HD muzzle bungee and float line clip complete the package. 

      Handle: Torelli  Alpha-K

      Mechanism: Kevlar Reinforced Acetyl Cassette/ Stainless Steel Hybrid Shot Engine

      Barrel:  Carbon Fiber PU Foam injected Rail - 29.5mm Diameter

      Muzzle: Torelli Roller Ceramic Bearings 

      Line Release: Under Mounted, Active, Stainless Steel  

      Bands: 2x14mm USA Primeline Pure Latex

      Spear: 7.0mm Twin Notch Spring Steel 2100Mpa

      Rigging: Double wrap Dyneema, Muzzle Bungee, Shark Clip

      Barrel Length:  90cm, 100cm, 110cm and 120cm

      Warranty: Lifetime (Original Owner) 

      Manufactured: Torelli Spearfishing Australia - Capel Sound, Victoria, Australia

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