Commercial Wetsuits

Torelli Spearfishing Australia are not new to the Commercial wetsuit game. We have produced Commercial wetsuits with the highest quality Yamamoto #45 Japanese neoprene since 1996. Don't be fooled by imitation wetsuit makers or lower grade neoprene. Yamamoto 45 is the toughest on the market and will last longer than any competitors wetsuit under constant high pressure. Our wetsuits are also coated with SCS making them easier to put on, take off, and clean. SCS also prevents micro-organisms from growing on the surface.

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Torelli Commercial Dive Gear 7mm COMMERCIAL GRADE BOOTIES/SOCKS
Torelli Spearfishing Gear Australia TORELLI 3.5MM WETSUIT VEST
Torelli Commercial Dive Gear TORELLI COMMERCIAL 7.0MM WETSUIT
Torelli Commercial Dive Gear TORELLI COMMERCIAL 9.0MM WETSUIT