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      Blue Water Spearfishers require a powerful speargun able to accurately discharge a spear up to 8 metres. The new Australian designed and built Titan rear handled, triple rubber speargun has been created by Torelli to satisfy this demanding discipline.

      The Torelli Titan has an open track configuration for quick and easy loading. The multi-laminated carbonfibre barrel features an elliptical bulge along the horizontal axis increasing stiffness and displacement. This ensures the buoyance to mass ratio required to balance the gun and provide a solid platform to launch the 8.0mm spear with minimal recoil.

      The new Titan handle includes a removable polyurethane grip and CNC machined Stainless Steel mechanism.  A side mounted Stainless Steel line release allows easy installation of break away or if you prefer there is a swivel shack clip attachment for a float line or reel bracket to accept the Torelli Alpha Reel

      The Torelli Titan muzzle design is a streamlined open configuration to to give a clear line of sight so preferred by Blue Water Hunters. Off course being a Torelli spear gun the changing of power bands is a simple task that can be performed in the field, even whilst in water.

      Accuracy and ease of loading is assured with the deep open track and the double flopper 8mm shaft, triple 16mm power band combination gives you the best chance to secure big game.

      Highest quality components and craftsmanship is always applied in construction. As with all Torell spear guns the Titan comes with an original owner Lifetime Warranty.

      Handle: Torelli Titan, Rubber Grip, Rubber Loading Pad. 

      MechanismStainless Steel Shot Engine Cassette, 8mm Stainless Steel Sear, Stainless Steel Frictionless Trigger. 

      Barrel: Carbonfiber Cuttlefish Rail PU Foam Injected - 33mm Diameter - 66mm Cuttle.

      Muzzle: Torelli Triple Rubber - Open

      Line Release: Side Mounted Stainless Steel  

      Bands: 3x16mm USA Primeline Pure Latex

      Spear: 8.0mm Triple Notch/ Twin Floppers Spring Steel 2100Mpa

      Rigging: 2mm Hard Skin Double Wrap Monofilament, Muzzle Bungee, Shark Clip

      Barrel Length:  110cm and 130cm

      Warranty: Lifetime (Original Owner) 

      Manufactured: Torelli Spearfishing Australia - Capel Sound, Victoria, Australia

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