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      The Torelli 10 liter Bullet Float is made from tough rotational molded polyethylene which resists punctures and cracking.

      Two shark clips are also included to attach rigging and a keel weight is secured in a recess ensuring the float and flag remains upright at all times.

      The Bullet float is supplied with an *AUF/USFA compliant dive flag mounted on a flexible base to allow the flag pole to be folded down when in storage and is able to be folded at 90 degrees without damage or entanglement such as when another diver’s float line is dragged across the top of your float.

      *The importance of a compliant dive flag cannot be understated. Besides the obvious safety factor if you are struck by a watercraft and the insurance company finds that you did not a have a compliant flag your claim may be null and void.

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