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      Constructed with high end components with the smooth trigger pull Alpha K Handle, Carbon Fiber Rail Barrel, Stainless Steel shaft and quality Torelli Pranger head the Tahitian Competitor is purpose built for Southern Australian competition diving and is a great gun for hunting table fish such as Whiting and Flathead.
      Pranger enthusiasts appreciate the buoyant Carbon Fiber barrel supporting the weight of the cluster head reducing the usual nose heavy feel of Aluminium Pranger Guns. 

      Handle: Torelli  Alpha-K

      Mechanism:  Acetyl Cassette/Trigger- Stainless Steel Sear

      Barrel:  Carbonfiber Rail 29.5mm Diameter

      MuzzleTrimax Multi Configurable Wing Muzzle 

      Line Release: Under Mounted Active Stainless Steel  

      Bands: 1x16mm USA Primeline Pure Latex

      Spear: 7.0mm Double Notch Stainless Steel M7 Threaded.

      Cluster Head: Torelli M7- 8 inch x 6 Prong Pranger

      Rigging: 2mm Hard Skin Monofilament, Muzzle Bungee, Shark Clip

      Barrel Length:  90cm and 100cm

      Warranty: Lifetime (Original Owner) 

      Manufactured: Torelli Spearfishing Australia, Capel Sound, Victoria, Australia


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