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      The Torelli Alpha Handle is perfect for upgrading or building your own spear gun and has been designed with spear gun builders in mind.  Mechanism is the new Alpha Generation 2 active line release type. The ribbed spigot allows easy fitment to smaller I.D. barrels by simply filing of the ridges.

      Sleek design molded in strong glass reinforced nylon with rubberized ambidextrous grip. The entire handle is molded in one piece and will not separate under stress. Integral loading butt with convex non slip grid for best comfort.

      Redesigned Alpha Gen2 mechanism features highly polished stainless steel sear and line release. The line release is activated internally and has no effect on the spear shaft. The shot engine cassette has a new lower profile shape and a wide mouth allowing the use of spears up to 8mm diameter and easy flushing of the mechanism internals after the dive. A very smooth spear engagement and trigger pull are the result of this new cassette profile combined with the geometry of the new mechanism components.

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