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      The TORELLI Torpedo float is constructed with a tough colour fast vinyl outer and an orally inflated PVC inner bladder.

      Supplied with shark clips to attach float line and fish stringer it also comes with for Six D rings for attaching accessories, AUF-USFA compliant Dive flag and counter weight.

      Big 25 litre capacity (220mm dia x 800mm long).

      Two shack clips, Six D ring attachments and three webbing straps for tucking in catch bag, spare power bands etc.

      Counter weight pocket with hook and loop closer and 250grm lead counter weight ensures flag is kept upright.

      Inflatable design allows the Torpedo float to be stored easily and is kind to boats, car and your head in a seaway.

      AUF/USFA compliant dive flag. The importance of a compliant dive flag cannot be understated. Besides the obvious safety factor, if you are struck by a watercraft and the insurance company finds that you did not a have a compliant flag you claim may be null and void.

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